Friday, August 20, 2010

Farmers & Fishers

Last date I was here: 08/20/2010

Restaurant: Farmers & Fishers (

Location: Georgetown

Total Rating: 3.45
Food: 3, Price: 4, Service: 4, Ambience: 4, Accessibility: 4

Farmers & Fishers is located along the Georgetown waterfront and offers a great, casual approach to enjoyable, easy to eat, and flavorful foods and drinks inspired by the best of American regional cooking, from coast to coast. Owned by Founding Farmers and the North Dakota Farmers’ Union, Farmers & Fishers brings the same casual farmhouse and farmer-inspired attitude and dedication to the use and promotion of sustainable agriculture. The menu features original, meticulously crafted delicious dishes inspired by culinary regions of the U.S., from the New England coast to the great Southwest, Napa Valley to the mid-West. The dining experience here is relaxed and delicious, and a great value. Closest Metro Station is Foggy Bottom - GWU.

Keith and I decided to try this place for Restaurant Week and were gratefully seated upon our arrival after the long and hot trek from Metro. The restaurant was already buzzing with patrons and we were seated close to the kitchen which added to the rumble. Servers marched around in their plaid shirts, and ours was especially friendly, greeted us right away and took our drink order. I splurged and ordered the $12 Painkiller - which is like an unblended pina colada. A little pricey, so I most likely would not order a cocktail here again. Since the regular menu prices are pretty fair (entrees around $15) we would be receiving 4 courses as part of the RW menu. As soon as the appetizers came out - we realized that there was A LOT of food and we might not even have room for the entrees! The portions were very generous, the ingredients fresh, and the flavors comforting - however, each item was simple and unoriginal. It was not necessarily disappointing, just not what we expected. I guess the theme of "farmhouse cooking" was what they were going for, but for all the popularity I was a bit surprised. Keith even commented that the food was no more special than what you would get at TGI Friday's. Farmers & Fishers handled the extra influx of patrons due to RW very well and kept the food coming hot and fresh. They even gave us a box to take our dessert home since we practically needed to be rolled out of the restaurant. Overall, we had a satisfying meal and I appreciate their play on the trend of serving sustainable products, but again there was nothing special or interesting on the menu that would bring us back anytime soon.

What I ate:

American Farmhouse Three Cheese Pizza

Fresh Table-made Guacamole, Chips and Salsa

Maryland Crab Dip with Toasted House Ciabatta

Pan-fried Cowboy Chicken
with smashed potatoes and pan-fried brussel sprouts and steamed carrots

Carrot Cake
served with vanilla ice cream

Plus Keith ate:
Rainbow Trout Horseradish Style
with Farmhouse Rice-a-Roni and pan-fried brussel sprouts and steamed carrots

Chocolate Devil’s Food Cake
served with vanilla ice cream

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