Ratings Guide

The Total Rating is based upon five weighted categories to give an overall total score with the lowest at 1 and highest at 5. If a particular dish is notably liked or disliked, I will highlight in a special color.
  • (55%) Food: Score of the overall quality and taste of food eaten.
  • (20%) Price: Score of the value based on worth of the food eaten.
  • (10%) Service: Score of the quality of service offered at the restaurant.
  • (10%) Ambiance: Score of the overall d├ęcor, atmosphere, and general vibe of the restaurant.
  • (5%) Accessibility: Score of the ease of accessibility to the restaurant to include Metro access, parking availability, is there a long waitlist, is there a secret knock to get in, etc…
Loved it! =

I'd order it again = BLUE

Disappointing = GRAY
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