Who is Micky?

After years of listening to my mother tell me to “eat a healthy and balanced diet” and yet having no fine culinary skills myself, my love and enjoyment of eating out at restaurants has grown. As an avid follower of many Food Network, Fine Living, and Travel Channel television programs, I have decided to share my opinion on dining experiences at various restaurants in the greater Washington, DC area and beyond.

I am no food critic – just an average girl who enjoys eating out.  The experiences I share are of places I read about or just stumble upon. Travel is also one of the things I love to do, so occasionally you might see a few reviews from other places around the country or maybe even around the world! (Spain, Greece, Puerto Rico, Korea, Japan, Prague, Peru to name a few).

Since I do not eat red meat, there will be special input from Keith, my wonderful husband, partner in crime, and residential meat-lover.

I hope you enjoy my writing, feel free to leave any recommendations. I'm always looking for that new “hot spot” or hidden gem.  Check out my shop for fun WME gear and products.  Visit my press page for a compilation of accolades, featured articles, recurring articles, and other directory listings. Look for my signature logo, as seen below, for authentic posts by What Micky Eats...

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