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This is a compilation of accolades, featured articles, recurring articles, directory listings, and other media and/or press mentions about What Micky Eats.


February 2015 - Featured as one of the 5 DC Foodie Blogs to Follow on Her Campus

February 2015 - Featured photo on  11 Instagram Hidden Gems: Travel Themed Accounts on Ink 361

October 2014 - Runner Up, Best of 2014: DC Life, Food Blog: What Micky Eats in Washington Post Express

October 2013 - Runner Up, Best of 2013: DC Life, Food Blog: What Micky Eats in Washington Post Express

June 2013 - Featured as one of the DC Foodies to Follow on Twitter on Cloture Club

December 2012 - Food Photo Contest, December Winner in Food Stories

October 2012 - Winner, Best of 2012: DC Life, Food Blog: What Micky Eats in Washington Post Express

June 2012 - Featured for Be@Home's "Best of the Web"


November 2016 - Featured recipe on Nutella Banana Drops in DC Refined

February 2015 - Featured recipe on Churro Bites in Kitchen Daily

January 2015 - Featured recipe on Avocado and Shrimp Ceviche Tacos in AOL

April 2014 - Featured recipe on Lemon Pull Apart Bread in Spoonful

March 2014 - Featured recipes Crock-Pot Pulled Pork Sandwich, Golombki, Crock-Pot Thai Coconut Chicken & Shrimp, Ribs with Barbeque Sauce, Crock-Pot Chicken & Broccoli on Better Recipes

January 2014 - Featured Blog on The Besty 

January 2014 - Featured list Top 10 Favorite DC Restaurants on The Besty

November 2013 - Full feature on "What's in Your Fridge?" in The Kitchen Prep

September 2013 - Featured post on Broodjes & Bier in Market Life

September 2013 - Featured recipe on Avocado and Shrimp Ceviche Tacos in Kitchen Daily

July 2013 - Featured recipe on Sausage Tomato Quiche in Kitchen Daily

July 2013 - Featured recipe on Goat Cheese-Stuffed Mushrooms in Kitchen Daily

May 2013 - Selected post with slideshow in Quaker Perfect Portions Oatmeal in Kitchen Daily

May 2013 - Selected post with slideshow on Quaker Chocolate Chip Cookies in Kitchen Daily

April 2013 - Featured recipe on Mini Western Omelettes in Kitchen Daily

March 2013 - Featured recipe on Cranberry Nut Bread in Kitchen Daily

January 2013 - Featured recipe on Bacon Mushroom Quiche in Kitchen Daily

December 2012 - Selected post on Mini Spanakopita Cups on Capital Cooking

November 2012 - Selected post with slideshow on Cranberry-Apple Pilgrim Pie in Kitchen Daily

September 2012 - Selected post on At Home: Thin Mints and Featured recipe Thin Mints in Kitchen Daily

August 2012 - Featured recipe Avocado & Shrimp Ceviche Tacos on Avocados From Mexico

April 2012 - Featured on's "First Bite"

March 2012 - Featured "Tastemaker" on urbantag, My Top 10 Favorite DC Restaurants

February 2012 - Featured on's "First Bite"

December 2011 - Featured on's "5 bites" and NOW Guide

December 2011 - Featured map Top 10 Favorite DC Restaurants on Urbantag

Contributor, AOL Lifestyle Collective
Curator, Kitchen Daily

Various Reviews, Urbanspoon

Various Reviews, CityEats 

Shout Outs/Mentions

November 2019 - Blogger of Color in D.C. to Follow, The D.C. Region Doesn’t Have Full-Time Food Critics of Color. Why That Matters. on Washington City Paper

December 2015 - Participated in the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap, The Little Kitchen and The Secret Ingredient Is

March 2015 - Selected post on Marcel's on DC Blogs

February 2015 - Selected post on Mama Biscuit on DC Blogs and Mama Biscuit on Mama Biscuit

December 2014 - Participated in the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap, The Little Kitchen,  She Runs She Eats, Honey & Birch, Cooking on the Front Burners

December 2014 - Selected post on Rose's Luxury on DC Blogs

October 2014 - Selected post on Art and Soul on DC Blogs

July 2014 - Selected post on DC Restaurant Week on DC Blogs

June 2014 - Selected posts on AlamexoThe Copper OnionFrom ScratchSettebello Pizzeria, and Stoneground on Gastronomic Salt Lake City

May 2014 - Selected post on Green Spoon on Green Spoon

April 2014 - Selected post on Potbelly "FLATS" on DC Blogs

March 2014 - Selected post on Osteria Morini on DC Blogs

January 2014 - Selected post on Toki Underground on Frozen Tropics

January 2014 - Selected post on Sushi Capital on DC Blogs

December 2013 - Selected post on The Arsenal on DC Blogs

December 2013 - Participated in the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap, The Little Kitchen,  Beth's Blue Plate Special, A Couple in the Kitchen, Spinach Tiger, Munching in the Mitten

November 2013 - Selected post on Doi Moi in The Thailand Daily

October 2013 - Selected recipe on Goat Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms in Ingredients, Inc.

October 2013 - Selected recipe on Goat Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms in Savory Simple

October 2013 - Selected recipes on Goat Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms & Bacon Mushroom Quiche in Dine and Dish

September 2013 - Selected post on Vendetta in Prosecco Daily

May 2013 - Selected post on Ssambabgip on DC Blogs

May 2013 -  Selected post on DC's Best Brunch Spots in Menuism

March 2013 -  Selected post on DC's Best Steakhouses in Menuism

January 2013 - Selected post on Eagle Cafe on Eagle Cafe

January 2013 - Selected post on Vote for America's Favorite Chef in The Daily Wine Compass

December 2012 - Selected photo of Butter-Poached Lobster with Agnolotti is Top Contender for 2012 Food Photo Contest on Food Stories

December 2012 - Selected photo of Butter-Poached Lobster with Agnolotti is Top Contender on Food Stories "Photo Contest December 2012"

December 2012 - Selected post on Union Market on DC Blogs

December 2012 - Selected photos (Enchilada Verde, Lobster Agnolotti, Oysters Onassis, Churro Bites) on Food Stories "Photo Contest December 2012"

December 2012 - Selected post and photo on Mini Spanakopita Cups by Fillo Factory

October 2012 - Selected post on Best Service by DC Restaurants on DC Blogs

October 2012 - Ambassador, Take A Bite Out of Breast Cancer 

September 2012 - Selected post on Oktoberfest Best Bets in Bavarian en News

September 2012 - Selected post on Oktoberfest Best Bets in Redwood Oktoberfest

September 2012 - Selected post on Brenda's French Soul Food in The France Daily 

May 2012 - Selected post on PEPE Food Truck in The Spain Daily

March 2012 - Selected post on Favorite Food Pictures of Winter 2012 on DC Blogs

February 2012 - Selected post on Toki Underground

January 2012 - Selected post on El Pollo Rico

December 2011 - Selected post on Asian Spice

December 2011 - Selected post on 701

December 2011 - Selected post on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Dining

November - December 2011 - 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway, Contributor/Promoter, District 365 (1), District 365 (2), 365thingsdcMommy2kAngela B. Pan PhotographyI'm Not the NannyDelectabelle (1), Capital Cooking ShowDelectabelle (2)

November 2011 - Author, A Real Culinary Tour of Washington, DC

October 2011 - Selected post on Take A Bite Out of Breast Cancer

October 2011- Selected post on Ristorante Piccolo

October 2011 – Ambassador, DC Area Food Bloggers Unite

October 2011 – Ambassador, Take A Bite Out of Breast Cancer

September 2011 - Selected post on Kushi Izakaya

July 2011 – Contributor, DC Food Bloggers Survey Results 

July 2011 – Selected posts on 701 Restaurant, Cafe BerlinGeorgia Brown, Mie N Yu

June 2011 – Contributor, DC Foodie Community and Readers Survey

June 2011 – Promoter, DC Foodie Community Survey

May 2010 – Selected post on Sou’Wester

January 2010 – Selected post on Santini’s New York Style Deli 

Directory Listings

January 2012 - Featured on Blogger Directory Map 

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