Friday, September 10, 2010

Eat Wonky

Last date I was here: 09/10/2010

Restaurant: Eat Wonky (

Location: Traveling Food Truck

Total Rating: 2.9

Food: 3, Price: 3, Service: 2, Ambience: 3, Accessibility: 3

Summary: The Wonky Truck is what happens when you take the simplicity of the In N’ Out menu, the distinctiveness of a Primanti sandwich, the fun and energy of Las Vegas, and put it on wheels. This food truck hails from Canada and as it turns out, wonky means “a little off-center” in Canadian slang – the perfect description for the idea of putting cheese curds, gravy and fries on top of a hot dog.
Look for the truck at lunchtime and late night! Or follow them on Twitter.

After trying the DC Slices food truck and feeling under satisfied, Keith noticed poutine - gravy and cheese curd covered fries - on the menu at the Wonky Truck. Also, the long was not as long as compared to other trucks, so he decided to place an order. Unfortunately, the Wonky truck must not have had as much business as the other trucks because he didn't have any fries ready! He said he would make up a fresh batch, and good thing because more people were showing up and their line was starting to form. After the wait, Keith got his poutine, and it was different, good, a little salty, but interesting. A little overpriced, but I guess is to be expected from a food truck. Keith was first introduced to poutine when he visited Montreal. He says many diners in NY even have fries with cheese and gravy on their menu, and it was a common treat he grew up on. So overall, it settled his craving.

What I ate:

Wonky Fries
Fresh-cut potatoes fried in peanut oil, topped with squeaky cheese and gravy

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