Saturday, May 21, 2011


Last date I was here: 05/21/2011

Restaurant: Skala

Location: Oia - Santorini, Greece

Total Rating: 4.7
Food: 5, Price: 4, Service: 4, Ambience: 5, Accessibility: 5

Summary: Rated one of the best restaurants in Oia, Skala Restaurant is a secret gem with an amazing view that is overlooked by most tourists. Serving fresh seafood and Greek specialties, Skala has great food and even better prices. We went to Oia side of Santorini to catch the famous sunset, but headed out early to beat the crowd. We ate dinner here overlooking the beautiful caldera. The house white wine was fantastic and at only 8 Euros a bottle, the best I had while in Greece. Since we didn't eat a decent lunch, we splurged on appetizers as well as ate the free desert that came at the end. Overall, Skala was one of the best places we ate at in Greece and I highly highly recommend this restaurant to other travelers. Do not overlook this gem!

What I ate:

Baked Feta
served with tomatoes

Eggplant Salad
smoked eggplant spread with garlic and onions

Baked Cod
served with boiled potatoes and tomatoes

Plus Keith ate:

Fresh Sea Bream
grilled, served whole with potatoes and vegetables

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