Friday, June 3, 2011


Very fresh, intensely flavorful ingredients abound at this fast casual Chipotle-inspired Indian restaurant. Choose from an aray of vegetables and mild, medium, or hot sauces and chutneys to add to your meal. Great portions! Merzi is my new favorite fast casual restaurant in DC. Great for vegetarians and meat-lovers alike.  Closest Metro is Archives-Naval Memorial.

My co-worker introduced me to Merzi when we decided to go out for lunch this fine summer day. I immediately recognized the Chipotle-esque vibe with the layout of the place.  You pick your items as you move down the line, and although there is a large menu hanging above, I am more tempted to look down at each ingredient to determine whether I want to pile it on or not.  The servers were friendly and the food was exotic, hot, and delicious!  Merzi should open other locations within the city, as the popularity of this place is high and tends to crowd quickly.

Total Rating: 3.85
Food: 4; Price: 4; Service: 3; Ambience: 3; Accessibility: 5
What I ate:

Rice Bowl
long-grain Basmati rice topped with chicken, mild spice sauce,
potatoes, cool tangy chutney, and cool yogurt

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