Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Passenger

Don't expect any drink menus at The Passenger - besides beer and wine - just tell the bartender what you're "in the mood for" and she will whip you up a strong concoction that satisfies the taste buds. There are daily specials available too - some unique and inspiring and others a slight twist on the original.

While there, I had our lovely gal whip me up "something coconuty and pineapplely". She served it up in a nice martini glass and while strong, it was a little too sweet to have more than one.  So after I finished, I asked her to make me a Pineapple Mojito, and boy did she deliver! Keith enjoyed trying the specialities from the board too. I noticed many single parties of men, some noshing on appetizers at the bar.  Since we did not eat anything, I am not leaving any ratings.  Yet, I still wanted to leave my 2 cents on The Passenger. At $10 average a drink, the price is not too unreasonable for a couple pre-dinner drinks, but not a place I would go for a casual Happy Hour.  

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