Thursday, March 22, 2012

El Charrito Caminante

***Special Post by Keith***

If you are looking for some traditional Mexican and Salvadoran food in Arlington you can’t go wrong with El Charrito Caminante. This hole in the wall on Washington Blvd specializes in pupusas and tacos, but you can get other items as well. Step in and you will wonder if you are still in Virginia.  Closest Metro is Clarendon.

The store consists of a couple of bar stools at a counter, a guy standing at the register waiting to take your order, and some ladies in the back cooking up all the goodness. Typically I am the only English speaking customer in the place, but don’t be intimidated. The semi-friendly guy behind the counter is bi-lingual and will hook you up with whatever you want. The best deals seem to be the combos which are made up of a few menu items along with rice and beans, all for $7. I usually go with Combo #3 - two tacos with a pupusa. I think it comes with chicken and beef tacos and a mixed pupusa but they are fine with you substituting any types you want. I prefer a pork taco and a cheese pupusa. There are also some more adventurous options like goat and lengua available. This is not Taco Bell or your typical tex-mex so do not expect sour cream or orange shredded cheese. The tacos are as simple as it gets, but that is what makes them great. Marinated meat, cilantro and radish, on a doubled up corn tortilla. Add some of their spicy green salsa and you are good to go. Lunch does not get much better than this.

Total Rating: 4.18
Food: 4.5, Price: 5, Service: 3.5, Ambience: 2, Accessibility: 3

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