Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kauai Food Truck

Kauai Food Truck (previously Kanaloa's Lunch Wagon) was owned by Kalani & Dana Palama who were known for lots of local favorites on their menu.  Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner options featuring Hawaiian, American, and Mexican cuisine, this laid back truck offers great meals at incredibly cheap prices.  Look for the truck parked in the heart of Koloa Town at the historical site of the Ole' Mill - such a beautiful outdoor site for a great lunch down in sunny Koloa Town.

Taken over by their brother Keone Palama and now partnered with Jo Grace; the name Kanaloa's will live on through Kauai Food Truck as the name is synonymous with quality local seafood, shrimp, fish tacos and shave ice along with many local favorites which are made upon request.

Keith and I planned to spend the day snorkeling, so we wanted to fuel up with a decent breakfast. I had noticed the Kauai Food Truck parked in Old Koloa Town when we first arrived in Kauai, and mentioned how we should try and come back sometime to check it out.  Since breakfast options at our hotel were a little more expensive than anticipated, we took our chances to drive out to the truck.  We arrived just as another couple did, but the chef had not yet. So we had to wait a bit in order for her to get set up - even though the sign said open at 7am, I forgot we were on "Island time".  I took my time overlooking all the menu items, as the other couple asked if only breakfast was available or if they could order lunch.  The response was they could try to do the lunch, depending on what they had available right now on the truck.  Being that it was a little after 8am, I still wanted a traditional breakfast and a few items looked decent.  I chose the Sunrise Platter, which comes with your choice of eggs and meat with a side of white rice and fruit cocktail for $7.  This took the longest for them to make, but we did not mind waiting at the little plastic chairs and tables they have set up on the lawn with umbrellas for shade.  Keith chose the Breakfast Sandwich, and loved the Portuguese sausage in it for only $5.  The size was pretty large and perfect for him.  We also shared a strawberry-guava juice for $1.  Overall, the food was average but prepared fresh to order and the service was super friendly and down-to-earth with total "Island style" flare.

They were super excited to hear how we found the truck, plugged their Facebook page, and invited us back for lunch.  Although we never did return to eat while we were there, we did pass by the next day during lunch hours and saw they were even more crowded.  Another good sign for the Kauai Food Truck.

Total Rating: 3.875
Food: 3.5, Price: 5, Service: 3, Ambience: 4, Accessibility: 5

What I ate:
Sunrise Platter
scrambled eggs, SPAM, white rice, with fruit cocktail

Plus Keith ate:
Breakfast Sandwich
egg, Portuguese sausage, lettuce, tomato, on a large potato bun

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  1. Hi I have a question for you. I was in Koala town and ate at the little stand adjacent to the corner grocery store. Its right when you get into town. Is this the same as this food truck? I dont recall seeing a specific truck but the little stand we ate at could of been a truck for all we know. I had the best Macaroni salad ever at this little stand. I would love the recipe. I know all the great food we had in Kauai and I want the Macaroni salad recipe!

    1. No, the truck parks across the street from that stand, in the grassy area. It is an actual white truck (see the first pic above). Maybe it just wasn't there on the day you went. I love Hawaiian Mac salad too!


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