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Steuben's is a restaurant that respects the history of its name and the core ingredients of the American Regional classics they have attempted to recreate. These dishes are America’s cuisine and American’s interpretations of the dishes of our diverse cultural heritage. The staff at Steuben's have enjoyed the endless debates, opinions, stories, research, consultations and food memories that have led to the opening version of the Steuben’s menu classic spots for the comfort, the subtly unique flavor, the consistency, the familiarity, and the memories of both the food and the experience. Check out this place for a satisfying breakfast before exploring the Mile-High City!

Before heading out to explore the city, Keith and I walked up to Steuben's for brunch on Saturday morning. The hipster staff were all friendly and immediately this place had a vintage vibe similar to Ted's Bulletin back home in DC. We were seated in a round mint green booth with 60s deco lamps overhead.  The menu had great American classics at super affordable prices.  I was not in the mood for anything really breakfasty, so I was happy to see a simple Grilled Cheese on the menu ($4).  I ordered a side of fruit salad to go with it just to keep things light.  I also asked for tomato in my sandwich, which added a little bit of something that made the whole thing delicious and comforting.  Keith ordered the restaurant's take on a croque madame - a French classic of a ham and cheese sandwich with an egg on top.  Here, the Croque Steuben's comes with both turkey and ham ($10).  Keith ordered his eggs over easy, and then remembered that this preparation is too runny for his tastes and should have ordered it over medium.  Either way, he enjoyed his sandwich and the side of fries made this dish complete.  To satisfy our sweet tooth and round out the meal, we also ordered a side of the Sugar Rolled Hush Puppies.  We got 4 large, dark brown balls, covered in granulated sugar ($3).  They were a bit too big and dry, just picking one up shattered in Keith's hands, causing a mess all over the table.  I am used to smaller hush puppies that are a little more soft inside, but these were coarse and lacked any flavor other than corn meal.  Overall, the staff is accommodating, the food is generous and classic, and the ambience is fun.  An outdoor patio is also available. As we were leaving, I saw ads up for the Steuben's Food Truck.  Check them out while in Denver.

Total Rating: 4.15
Food: 4, Price: 5, Service: 4, Ambience: 3.5, Accessibility: 4

What I ate:
Grilled Cheese
with added tomato and side of fruit salad

Sugar Rolled Hush Puppies

Plus Keith ate:
Croque Steuben's
ham, turkey, and cheese sandwich topped with two over easy eggs
served with fries

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