Friday, December 28, 2012

Vietnam 75

Vietnam 75 is a casual Vietnamese noodle house located near Potomac Mills in Woodbridge, VA.  With cold weather like today, I often crave pho so I stopped here for lunch with mother after watching Les Miserables.  They offer a few appetizers like spring rolls and noodle soups, or pho, in beef, chicken, or vegetarian broths in two sizes - regular and large. The inside of Vietnam 75 is pretty large, with laid back service and seat yourself protocol.

To start, I ordered summer rolls, a light rice paper filled with noodles, mint, and fresh shrimp, served with peanut sauce.  The rolls were plain but fresh and tasty and perfect for two people to share.

Next, I ordered a regular bowl of the vegetarian noodle sou, tofu pho, that comes with lightly fried tofu, scallions, and sliced onions. The plate of aromatics that accompanies the soup was fresh: Thai basil, lime, bean sprouts, and jalapeños.  Sriracha is also placed on the table if you want to add extra spice.  My mother ordered the traditional beef pho in a large size that came with thin slices of beef on top, all in a beef broth.  While the pho came out fairly quickly, the soup itself could have been a bit hotter and steaming.  The noodles were also overcooked leaving no bite and slightly mushy texture.  The aromatics add incredible fragrance and overall flavor to the light broth, yet we've had better pho before.  Perhaps it was an off day, as we left with many customers still seated and slurping away.

Total Rating: 3.15
Food: 3, Price: 4, Service: 3, Ambience: 2, Accessibility: 4

What I ate:
Summer Rolls

Tofu Pho

Plus Mom ate:
Beef Pho
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