Thursday, May 23, 2013

Momi & Toy's Creperie

Momi & Toy’s Creperie is a "non-franchise crepes outlet" with 80 shops in Japan, 3 in Shanghai and 6 in Taipei. We found one at the underground Shiodome area in Tokyo, near our hotel and stopped in for breakfast one morning.  It was on our way to the Shinbashi Subway station and had patio seating that looked welcoming.

This casual cafe offers a few savory crepes as well as sandwiches and of course, teas and coffee. Most of the sweeter options on the menu consisted of crepes with sweet filling such as ice cream, fruits, whipped cream, and jam. What caught my eye - besides the crepes - was the boba aka bubble tea! They had several fruity flavors in addition to regular black or green tea choices.  I ordered a regular black tea with vanilla creamer bubble tea, in addition to a plain crepe with butter and brown sugar.  My tea and breakfast was light and hit the spot.

Keith enjoyed a cup of hot tea with a plain crepe filled with custard and whipped cream.  His crepe was rolled a bit more than mine, to artistically show the cream filling.  Overall, it was a simple breakfast that was light enough to give me a kick start to my morning and ready to start another full day of site-seeing without weighing me down.

Total Rating: 3.1
Food: 3, Price: 3, Service: 3, Ambience: 3, Accessibility: 5

What I ate:
Plain Crepe with Butter & Brown Sugar

Plus Keith ate:
Plain Crepe filled with Custard and Whipped Cream

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