Sunday, May 5, 2013

Vinnie's Pizzeria

Vinnie's Pizzeria specializes in unique and creative cuisine utilizing classic style and ingredients, then putting a twist with crazy combinations. With two convenient locations in Brooklyn, NY - Williamsburg and Greenpoint, I recently visited the one in Williamsburg for lunch.  I was expecting a classic NY-style pizza joint, but was taken aback by the unconventional options in the counter display.

While there are traditional pizzas available with regular cheese and marinara sauce, as well as pasta dishes with meatballs, eggplant or chicken parmesan, the more popular draw to Vinnie's is their vegan and creative options such as BBQ Chicken Bacon Cheddar Ranch and the Black Bean Avocado Tomato Feta.  These crazy combinations are Vinnie's way of "morphing old and new schools" and is a very "Hipster-Brooklyn" approach to pizza.

I decided to play it safe and ordered a slice of plain, while Keith ordered plain and a meat combination of pepperoni, sausage, and bacon.  I found the plain to be alright - the sauce wasn't that exceptional and the dough was a bit different than other NY-style pizzas.  This crust was a bit more crispy, like a cracker, yet still delicious.  I appreciate Vinnie's approach to offer vegan and vegetarian options. Their creations seem fun but I still prefer my pizza the old fashioned way.

Total Rating: 3.25
Food: 3, Price: 4.5, Service: 3, Ambience; 2, Accessibility: 4

What we ate:
Meat (pepperoni, sausage, bacon)   and   Plain

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