Wednesday, July 17, 2013

At Home: Athena Melon Popsicles

June through August in Washington, DC is unbearably hot.  And I'm not talking just high in temperatures, but gross-sticky-I'm-melting-in-this-swamp-get-me-in-some-AC-stat kind of weather.  It is also the peak season for cantaloupe.  Keith and I have been enjoying juicy Athena Melons all summer long.  I usually simply chop them up and eat chilled as a snack, but this time I wanted to try out my new popsicle molds and decided to make Athena Melon Popsicles as a cool summer treat At Home.

Athena Melons
Athena Melons are a type of cantaloupe.  They are larger, softer, and sweeter than Western-style cantaloupes.  They can be distinguished by their slightly more oblong shape and ribbed edges.  They also have a sweet scent on the outside versus their odorless Western cousins.  Since they are picked at prime ripeness, they have a short shelf life.  We had extra melon and I decided to simply blend them and freeze in these new popsicle molds that Keith gifted me.  The molds are swirly shaped, totally cute, and make 4 individual pops.  This recipe is such a cinch that you can recreate using any other melon or fruit of your liking.

Athena Melon Popsicles (Makes 4 popsicles)
  • ¼ Athena Melon, seeded and chopped into chunks
  • a hint of honey, optional

- Place melon chunks into a food processor.
- Optional: Add a hint of honey for extra sweetness.
- Blend until liquefied.
- Fill popsicle molds and freeze for minimum 4 hours.
- Enjoy!

These popsicles were straightforward and effortless to make.  They tasted, well, exactly like melon.  Feel free to jazz it up with shreds of mint or ginger.  We liked them plain as a totally refreshing guilt-free treat to cool off.  The popsicle molds were a great investment and super easy to use over and over again.  They are designed with a little cup on the bottom to catch any drippings in case you don't eat your popsicle fast enough before it starts to melt.  Mess-free and genius!  I'm already thinking of what other flavor combinations to make this summer.

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