Thursday, October 17, 2013

Celebrate Day of the Dead at Oyamel

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Go to Oyamel to celebrate the "Dia de los Muertos," an ancient Mexican tradition of celebrating the dead and enticing souls to linger with food, drink, and festivities. And enticed they will be by Head Chef Colin King’s creative takes on traditional dishes, featuring special dishes and drinks to die for. The Day of the Dead event will take place from October 21 to November 2, 2013.

Making fresh guacamole.
This year, Oyamel will honor José Guadalupe Posada, a turn of the century artist and political cartoonist known for his satirical illustrations. Posada portrayed many poignant issues of his time and in particular the details of bourgeois life. In the same way that Posada’s work satirized his subjects, Oyamel’s culinary team, led by Head Chef Colin King, will create menu specials that take refined ingredients and reimagine them into traditional Mexican humble dishes. Featured dishes range from $10 to $20, and cocktail specials are priced from $11 to $13.

Keith and I had the opportunity to preview some of the Day of the Dead menu specials.  Everything was so colorful and full of bold flavors.  Our favorites were the Ostiones Pimenton, as the oysters were very briny, and the Chichilo Negro with a seasoned short rib in a traditional mole with lots of spice.

The full Day of the Dead menu specials include:

Caviar de Chapala
caviar, cilantro, onion, Serrano chile and red tomato in a warm tortilla
Ostiones Pimenton
poached oysters with bay leaf served in its own shell with lime juice and caviar

Jaibas Rellenas
stuffed crab shell topped with sea urchin butter

Chichilo Negro
black mole with slow cooked short rib and season vegetables

Pato Frito en Chile Seco
crispy duck confit with a mole of Chihuatl Chiles, wild mushrooms,
squash, and pomegranate pico de gallo

Sopa de Calabaza
pumpkin and squash soup with spiced pumpkin seeds, served with foie gras

We also tried some Day of the Dead Cocktail Specials.  My favorite was a girly looking cocktail called Pato Borracho.  It was very sweet with a hint of smokiness with the chile.  Keith enjoyed the Atole Rico with its interesting combination of citrus and smokey chiles.  The full cocktail specials include:

Maestro Dobel Diamond tequila, Cocchi Americano Rosa, lime leaf and grapefruit bitters
Left: Resucito, Right: Cempasuchil
house-infused lavender Pueblo Viejo blanco tequila, creme Yvette, mint and lemon

Pato Borracho
house-infused duck gran Centenario Anejo, chihuatl chile,
pomegranate and pineapple with an almond air

Atole Rico
Del Maguey Crema de Mezcal, Pueblo Viejo tequila, house-made atole, canela
piloncillo, vanilla, pineapple and lemon

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