Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Dolcezza Debuts Five Incredible Fall Flavors

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Dolcezza is pleased to present five flavorful gelatos and sorbets this fall. Crafted using only the freshest seasonal ingredients, these seasonal varieties will be available at all four DC area locations. In addition, the Georgetown location will also sell Dolcezza’s seasonal flavors by the gallon and prices vary depending on the flavor. For gelato-lovers, the temptations include Heirloom Neck Pumpkin; Maple Syrup and Sweet Potato Pecan Praline. For dairy free alternatives, don’t miss the sorbets, Pomegranate and Clementine sorbet.

Dolcezza's philosophy is simple: "Be curious. Be spontaneous. Play with your food. Support local farmers and make exquisite gelato." Dolcezza makes gelato with a conscience, using only the best available ingredients grown by local farmer friends. By creating an artisanal product, Dolcezza has learned to measure time with the seasons and to work closely with local farmers. Prices range from $5.25 for a small, $6.45 for a large and $10.50 for a pint.

The Heirloom Neck Pumpkin gelato is sourced from Zachariah Lester of the sustainable vegetable farm, Tree & Leaf Farm in Unionville, Virginia. This flavorful variety of pumpkin resembles a longer neck squash in appearance and it was originally used to make pumpkin pie. The Heirloom Neck Pumpkin gelato is handmade in small batches every morning. Co-owner Rob Duncan starts by cutting the pumpkins into two-inch rounds, smothering them in a freshly ground spice bath of cinnamon, all spice, clove, nutmeg, Muscovado sugar and local ginger. Next, he roasts the pumpkins at 450 degrees in the oven until tender, and then purees the pumpkin and spice mix before adding the milk, cream and sugar to spin the mixture into gelato. The spices play a supportive role for the hearty, sweet flavor of the heirloom neck pumpkins, a contrast to the typical pumpkin pie mix which is usually all about the spices, to cover the inferior pumpkin. The result is a superb, creamy gelato with the freshest, most natural flavors - with half the fat and half the calories of ice cream.

Also sourced from Tree & Leaf Farm is the Sweet Potato Pecan Praline gelato, made from Covington sweet potatoes. For this creation Duncan roasts the sweet potatoes with a small amount of cinnamon and nutmeg. While they roast, Duncan makes a simple pecan praline with butter, brown sugar and a touch of cream. Once sweet potatoes are ready, Duncan purees them and mixes them into hot milk, cream and sugar. He then spins the mix and when the gelato falls from the bath freezer, Duncan folds in the pecan praline, creating an exceptional complex, earthy, comforting and quintessential fall flavor.

The Maple Syrup gelato is sourced from family-owned and operated S&S Maple Camp in Corriganville, Maryland. With 526 acres of Sugar Maple trees that have been in the family since the 1800’s, S&S Camp is Maryland’s largest maple syrup producer. The Maple Syrup gelato is made in small batches every morning. The flavor’s sweetness comes entirely from the syrup with no sugar added. After spinning the Maple Syrup gelato, Duncan folds in toasted walnuts from California, which have been baked with butter and salt. The result is an incredibly delicious and distinctive flavor that is naturally sweetened with the nice salty texture of the walnuts to add to its complexity.

For dairy free alternatives, the Pomegranate sorbet is a wonderful fall flavor that is sure to refresh the palate as is the Clementine sorbet. Made with blood oranges and Meyer lemons, the Clementine is a beautiful mixture of sweet and acidic notes that pop in the mouth.

Find these new Fall flavors at one of their four locations:
Dolcezza Georgetown, located at 1560 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, 20007, (202) 333-4646;
Dolcezza Dupont, located at 1704 Connecticut Avenue, NW, 20009, (202) 299-9116,
Dolcezza Bethesda, located at 7111 Bethesda Lane in Bethesda, MD, (301) 215-9226,
Dolcezza in the Mosaic District, located at 2905 District Avenue, Suite 155, Fairfax, VA, (703) 992-8701.

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