Friday, December 27, 2013

***TOP 10 in DC - 2013 Favorites of What Micky Eats***

Out of nearly 100 restaurants that I've dined at across the globe this past year, here is my list of Top 10 restaurants in DC from 2013. The ranking is based purely on the total scores received. For more details - read each post for yourself!  Don't see your favorite? Feel free to leave a comment below, and I'll try to check out your favorite place next year.

1. Rose's Luxury (4.63) -  I was impressed with not only the quality of food, but the finesse that Rose's has to offer... Chef Aaron is thinking progressively about food culture and delivering some top notch meals in DC...Read More

*2. NoPA Kitchen + Bar (4.48) - The food and service at NoPa was stellar and on par with the other fine restaurants from Ashok Bajaj of Knightsbridge Corporation.  While we really enjoyed their brunch offering - the lighting and mood was relaxing - we would return with guests for dinner... Read More

3. Tash (4.43) - Food is fresh, unique, and satisfying...The service is friendly and the atmosphere is colorful and warm with many families and patrons eager to take advantage of the Happy Hour dealsRead More

4. Elisir (4.4) - Overall, the food was exceptional - we enjoyed every bite - and  although it was Restaurant Week, we did not feel the portions were too small as feared by the staff...Read More

5. Doi Moi (4.38) - Doi Moi's portions are a bit larger than you'd get at a tapas restaurant, so it is a great deal for groups.  I was also very impressed with the cocktail I had...Read More

6. Mangialardo & Sons (4.35) -  One of the best sub shops in DC that many have never heard of - the subs are large, fresh, and offered at a great priceRead More

7. Range (4.33) - The high quality ingredients used with progressive techniques gives American classic dishes a modern spin at Range, which is consistent with Chef Bryan's portfolio.  Everything was still handled expertly and we left very satisfied and happyRead More

8. DGS Delicatessen (4.33) - The staff were über happy and welcoming, which put me in a great mood.  They had a couple fun cocktails as well as wine and beer on the menuRead More

9. Ambar (4.33) -  I am happy to see Ambar thriving well along the competing Barracks Row neighborhood. The brunch items left us intrigued to return for dinner…Read More

10. Kellari Taverna (4.33) - Overall, service was just as great as I remembered - the food came out very fast and our server was very attentive to keep our drinks full...Read More

Sūna (4.63) would have been #2, but since they recently closed I decided to not include them in the official list.  You can still read about the thoughtful and modern gastronomical experience with high quality ingredients that are presented in a creative wayRead More

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