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Krčma offers classic old Czech fare such as roasted meat on a lava grill, appetizers, and salads. The house bread is baked according to an old Czech recipe. According to legend, the tavern has always served the residents of nearby villages and pilgrims from afar, and is "a place where fellow countryman could lay your head, eat delicious morsel of meat drink her wine, beer or only spring water."

The restaurant was located underground, in a dark cavernous sort of tavern with very dim lighting, stone walls adorned with red candles, and wooden tables with fur cushions on the stone benches.  Immediately, this place had old world charm that transported me to earlier times.  Some locals were already in house, drinking beer, and smoking cigarettes.  We sat alone in the back corner, though, away from the smokers, until a group of boisterous Germans arrived later.

Keith ordered a Pilsner Urquell, but I saw Fanta on the menu and ordered it.  Fanta in Europe is different than the brightly dyed orange Fanta in the States.  I find it to be less sweet and more fizzy than carbonated.  Funnily, though, my Fanta cost almost double than Keith's beer.  Oh well, I rarely drink soda, so it was a simple treat.

For food, I ordered from the 'vegetarian' section of the menu - Pražený Sajr described as "crumbed and deep fried cheese" served with roasted skin-on potatoes and tartar sauce.  Not the healthiest choice, but it gave me nourishment for a full day of sightseeing.  The cheese was a mild white cheese - mozzarella perhaps - that was gooey on the inside.  To lighten up the fired cheese, I ate it with all the tomato garnish.  I didn't understand the tartar sauce, but it was something to dip the potatoes in to.

Keith ordered a traditional item - Sviní Kolenec Pečitý or roasted pork back knee.  It came with traditional garnish of pickled vegetables and the housemade sourdough bread.  Keith has had pork knuckle before, but this knee had a slightly different texture.  There was a bit more fat and tendon, and overall a generous portion.

While the food was not extraordinary, the ambience in the old tavern was cool and the location was convenient right near the old Jewish Quarter of the city.

Total Rating: 3.93
Food: 3.5, Price: 4.5, Service: 4, Ambience: 4.5, Accessibility: 5

What I ate:
Pražený Sajr
crumbed and deep fried cheese, potatoes baked with skin, tartar sauce

Plus Keith Ate:
Sviní Kolenec Pečitý
roasted pork back knee, traditional garnish, Krčma sourdough bread
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