Monday, May 26, 2014

Plane Food

Plane Food is a restaurant from Chef Gordon Ramsay based in the departure side of Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport. Enjoy all day, pre-flight dining or drinks at the bar. Open from breakfast through to dinner including express menus and picnics to take on board, for those short on time.

Image via Plane Food website
Keith and I had a couple hours to kill in between flights, so we wandered the terminal and saw Gordon Ramsay's restaurant.  The menu looked decent, and we thought it would be a nicer place to grab a bite to eat than other fast food options.  We sat at a table with a swanky chair on one side and long bench on the other.  There were many single travelers with their laptops.

First, we shared the Seared Cod with aji amarillo dressing, lime and coriander.  The fish was like a chunky sashimi with a light sear.  The dressing was full of citrus flavor that was amplified by chunks of grapefruit.

Next, we shared Salt & Szechuan Pepper Baby Squid that was just like regular fried calamari.  I could not really taste any spice, and the squid actually tasted better with the dressing from the cod dish.  It needed something besides a squeeze of lime to jazz it up a bit.

I didn't want to eat anything too heavy, so Keith suggested I just simply order a side dish.  I chose the Macaroni and Cheese.  The cheese was pretty prevalent and creamy.  It was satisfying enough to hold me over.

Keith wanted something a little more substantial and chose the Plane Food Short Rib Burger that came with tomato, red onions, aged cheddar and gherkins (pickles).  They didn't ask for Keith's temperature preference, however it came out cooked medium, which was good enough.

Overall, we had a fancier airport meal than usual, and it was a nice change.  If you have a few hours to kill at Heathrow Airport, try Plane Food.  Service was not rushed, however orders could be hastened if you needed them to be in order to catch your flight.  Also, a 'picnic' meal was available to pre-order and take with you on the plane, which was a unique service.  The decor provided an upscale 'bar' atmosphere to change things up from the standard gate waiting areas.

Total Rating: 3.73
Food: 4, Price: 3, Service: 4, Ambience: 3, Accessibility: 4.5

What I ate:
Seared Cod
aji amarillo dressing, lime and coriander

Salt & Szechuan Pepper Baby Squid

Macaroni and Cheese

Plus Keith ate:
Plane Food Short Rib Burger
tomato, red onions, aged cheddar and gherkins

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