Sunday, March 29, 2015

Hungry Harvest

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Hungry Harvest is on a mission to eliminate food waste by buying and selling surplus produce (aka "ugly produce") to members in the DC/MD/VA area.  For every bag of produce sold, one bag is donated to a community member in need.

When I learned that nearly 40% of all food ready for harvest goes to waste, I was shocked.  At just 9 months old, Hungry Harvest has nearly 300 active members and has recovered over 150,000 pounds of produce of which 75,000 has been donated to those in need.  John, co-founder of Hungry Harvest, reached out to me to offer a bag of surplus produce from local farmers and delivered it right to my door.

I received a full harvest of red leaf lettuce, snap peas, eggplant, green peppers, tangerines, pears, gala apples, and yams.  This portion is available for $18 a week, or you can get a half portion for only $13 a week.  I must say, though, no piece looked "ugly" - crazy to think this bag of beauties would have been thrown away!

For every bag they deliver, Hungry Harvest will make a matching donation on your behalf.  John stated: "We pride ourselves on our pricing and our social missions-fighting food waste, feeding those in most need in our community, and giving jobs to people trying to get back on their feet. So we're basically solving one problem (hunger) by taking advantage of another problem (food waste). It's a service you can feel good about being part of."

Hungry Harvest also features recipes using the main ingredients from the current and following week's produce delivery.  I ate all of the fruit as snacks throughout the week, but used most of the veggies in a simple stir fry for dinner one night.

Membership is easy.  All they need to enter you into the routing system is a phone number. Once your delivery is assigned to one of the drivers you will receive a text notification of who, when, and where your delivery is.  Sign up for Hungry Harvest today!

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