Wednesday, August 5, 2015


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In this advanced food era is it possible to invent a new condiment? Ketchung! laughs at this silly question and goes for it with their new spin on sweet and sour sauce.  Created by husband and wife team, Helen and David, the name evokes a mix between ketchup and the Korean fermented chili paste gochujang, but the flavor is more mild than I expected.

Helen grew in up in San Jose, CA and David is a native of Pittsburgh, PA. Both love food, but they love condiments more. A meal is never complete without its sauces. Being Korean American, Helen has a high threshold for spiciness; being Helen's husband, David's threshold continues to grow.  They describe their product as "a blend of sauces, to match the blend of words. It's spicy and flavorful."

David reached out to me while they were in the last phases of their Kickstarter to raise money to start bottling their spicy-ketchup creation, Ketchung!  After reaching their goal, and showcasing the product at some fancy food shows, David sent me a bottle of their final product of the "Signature Sauce", so we could check it out for ourselves.

In my few days with this product, I tried it with fries and chicken wings and it added a great twist on the typical toppings. The flavor is similar to the ubiquitous DC favorite "mumbo sauce", but with more tomato.  Just a small dip adds a nice spicy, sweet, and sour flavor to any dish and I look forward to trying it other foods. Maybe on a burger or in a marinade.

There is also a "Barbecue Sauce" version that we used on some grilled pork.  The barbecue sauce is slightly sweeter than the original version.  But these bottles surely won't last long in our house.  Get your own Ketchung! sauces on their website:

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