Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Favorite Food Pictures of Fall 2015

I often hear from readers that seeing my food pictures in my write-up posts "makes them hungry!"  I love hearing that so for the fourth year in a row, I will continue to share a collection of my favorite food pictures from each season.  Here are the top food pictures from Fall 2015 (September - October - November).  Compare to my favorite food pictures from Summer 2015 or what I liked best last year, Fall 2014.  Do you have any favorites?

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Stuffed Squid
Sea Scallops
Root Vegetable Chowder
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  1. What I enjoy about this post is the variety of food and the unique presentations. The bread basket is so tempting. The sea scallops along side the root vegetable chowder with the bread basket would be the perfect combination and I think I will have to attempt to create this masterpiece in the near future.

    Lawrence Neal @ Prime-13


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