Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sushi Ogawa

From the owners of my beloved Sushi Capitol, comes Sushi Ogawa, offering a simple and traditional menu of Japanese and Washoku sushi. Officially opened on February 1, 2016, we made reservations for Valentine's Day in order to check out the prefix Omakase (Chef's choice course) menu for $60.  Closest Metro is Dupont Circle.

The interior is dark and tranquil to set the tone of a Japanese temple.  All that was missing was a koi pond.  We recognized the Ogawa team (who also recognized us) and were so excited to start our meal, as we knew we'd be in good hands with whatever Chef Ogawa-san prepared this evening.  To elevate the mood, Keith ordered a light chilled sake with subtle citrus notes called Water Lords.  This 300 ml bottle was the perfect size.

First, we started with a trio sampler of boiled octopus with daikon, marinated fish, and crab and seaweed salad with shiitake mushrooms.  Everything was fresh and the presentation was a nice way to get your palate started.

The main sushi platter included 13 pieces per person and featured whatever was fresh this evening.  As expected, Chef Ogawa-san offered melt-in-your-mouth pieces.  The wasabi was a little heavy in some pieces, but overall we really enjoyed the salmon, sweet ebi shrimp, and toro options.  The abalone was crunchy, the scallop was tender, while the other mackeral cuts had great flavor as well.

We finished with a handroll of more buttery chutoro with scallion and shiso leaf, which was excellent.  I could have eaten many more.

While the meal was great, we felt it was lacking something.  Maybe another roll, or oyster, or soup, or tomago, or something...  Ordering omakase at the table is a convenient way to not have to think or choose, and just trust the chef to offer the best fish of the night.  However, next time we will try the experience at the bar in order to have a bit more interaction and higher quality and unique options.  We liked the more formal dining space, but most likely will not trek all the way back out to this area, since Capitol Sushi is so close to home.

Rating: 4.43
Food: 5, Price: 3.5, Service: 4, Ambience: 4, Accessibility: 3.5
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