Thursday, July 21, 2016

Wild Kombucha

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The team from Baltimore's Mobtown Fermentation reached out to me to try their new Wild Kombucha.   Specializing in the art of fermentation, they brew their own unique brand of kombucha and currently have three flavors available: mango-peach, ginger-grapefruit, and elderberry. Like many of you, my first question was "What is Kombucha?"

The Mobtown Fermentation website explains: "Thought to have originated in Asia, during the rule of the Tsin Dynasty, Kombucha​ is a fermented drink [made from tea] that has been brewed and consumed for over two millennia. It was called the Tea of Immortality, and was believed to give everlasting life to those who drank it."

The revitalizing effects of the beverage were recognized and used by many cultures around the world. Kombucha is loaded with vitamins and acids that help strengthen the immune system. It has probiotics and enzymes that are known to bolster digestion and replenish the good bacteria in your gut. Kombucha also boosts liver function, because it contains the same acids that the liver releases to eliminate toxins from the body.  It is vegan, raw, and gluten-free!

All these claims appealed to me, since I am a food blogger after all, and tend to eat many different items which can upset my stomach.  (Keeping it real, y'all!)  So, I was curious how the kombucha would affect my digestive tract.  While I didn't notice anything particularly different (the probiotics are similar to what is found in most yogurts these days), I was most intrigued by the flavors. 

With a slight carbonation, this drink must be refrigerated at all times. I first tried the mango-peach, as I love anything mango.  But it was incredibly sour and had many particles floating around (not sure if it was yeast, or juice pulp?) that frankly turned me off.  It really reminded me of the new sour beer trend.

A couple days later, I tried the elderberry.  Wow - what a difference!  The dark berry juice gave this kombucha a sparkling sangria effect that I adored.  I easily sipped this drink with my pasta dinner.

Lastly, I tried the ginger-grapefruit.  It was not as sour as I expected it may be.  Instead, it reminded me of other detoxifying drinks on the market, and I really felt 'cleansed' after finishing this tart and spicy mixture.  It was akin to a craft cocktail - refreshing with that ginger zing.

So is kombucha the "immortal health elixir" -- I am not sure, but if you are looking for a soda alternative, give this effervescent drink a try!  Wild Kombucha is available for sale at various retailers in the Baltimore, Annapolis, and DC area.

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