Sunday, May 28, 2017

Giant Limoncello

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For a limited time this month, Giant is featuring New Limited Time Originals Limoncello products that have a sweet and citrusy twist, which might just transport you to the Amalfi Coast of Italy this summer.

The Limoncello flavor originated in Italy, where the Sorrento lemon is cultivated for its sweet and tangy essence. Giant has harnessed that flavor and infused it into more than 30 products that customers can find throughout the store, in both the fresh and non-perishable departments. This versatile flavor complements many dishes, allowing Giant customers to incorporate Limoncello creations into special meals or daily snacks.

Customers can season grilled vegetables with Limoncello Olive Oil, enjoy Limoncello Pesto on pasta, and spread Limoncello Marmalade on morning toast, among many delicious possibilities. Giant’s Limoncello desserts, including cookies, cakes and ice cream, are the perfect, refreshing final touch to summer cook-outs and picnics. Giant also offers Limoncello products beyond the edible—customers can freshen their households with Limoncello-scented candles, dish detergent, foaming hand soap and sanitizer products.  I don't know about you, but a lemon-scented house just oozes "clean" to me.

Giant reached out to me to sample some items. My favorite is the Limoncello Lemonade. A tad sweeter than traditional lemonade and minus the alcohol in the popular Italian liqueur, pour this over a tall galls of ice for a refreshing summer drink.  The Limoncello Lemon Meringue Cookies were also addictive.  I love super lemony desserts, and these little bites did not lack that lemon punch!  They were like airy shortbread cookies and were perfect with a cup of tea.

Head to a Giant store near you to get one of these limited Limoncello items today!

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