Sunday, March 1, 2009

Aloha Specialties

Last date I was here: 03/01/2009

Restaurant: Aloha Specialties

Location: Las Vegas – California Hotel

Total Rating: 4.1
Food: 4, Price: 5, Service: 4, Ambience: 3, Accessibility: 4

Summary: Aloha Specialties, located on the California Hotel & Casino's mezzanine, will satisfy your taste buds with its Island fare. With the umbrellas and wicker chairs lining the mezzanine outside the restaurant, Aloha Specialties transports its diners, at least for a short moment, to the islands. Step inside and its walls are lined with native art and the tables and chairs are covered with the "aloha" prints that you'd see in Hawaii. Featuring teriyaki plates, stews and curry specialties, combination plates and noodle dishes such as Chicken Tofu Saimin and of course, the popular "rice bowls".

We had an unexpected extra night in Las Vegas and headed downtown to Freemont Street. We stopped by this spot for dinner and I was so excited! Small menu but great cheap prices. I am happy we got a little island bite before returning home.

What I ate:

Noodle soup w/ fried egg and pork

Plus Keith ate:

Fried Saimin
w/ char siu pork

Local Plate
Teriyaki chicken, beef, spam musubi
Served with white rice and macaroni salad

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