Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Al's Steak House

***Special Post by Keith***

Looking for a piece of South Philly in the DMV? You have got to get to Al's Steak House in Alexandria. This place has been going strong since the 1950's and is the most authentic cheesesteak I have had outside of Philadelphia. Al's Steak House also makes great hot and cold subs, along with delicious dinner boxes. Located on Mount Vernon Avenue, make Al's your next lunch or dinner stop and join the legions of loyal customers who judge quality with their taste buds. Closest Metro is Braddock Road.

Inside is definitely old school and kinda reminds me of a mini elks lodge or something. The fake wood paneling on the walls are covered with signed pics of pseudo local celebs, high school superstars and softball trophies. It can get packed though, so be prepared to take your sandwich to go. There are a few different varieties of cheesesteak available, including chicken and turkey. I usually stick to the Roman Steak, which comes with provolone cheese and, to me, is the classic cheesesteak. If you are more of a "whiz" fan, the closest thing you are going to get at Al's is the Steak & American Cheese. I recommend ordering it with everything. This gets you what they call in Philly a cheesesteak hoagie and comes with lettuce and tomato in addition to your cheese and grilled onions.

One of the best features of Al's is the free cherry peppers. Need a little more heat with your sandwich? Grab the tongs and dig into the giant jar of peppers on the counter. This adds the perfect complement to the meal and a visit to Al's would not be complete without it. There are lots of other choices on the menu, but honestly why bother? You can get a burger anywhere. The side dishes seem mostly non-descript but I do recommend the cheeseballs. These area actually small fried squares of what tastes like Monterey Jack. Pretty unique and definitely different than your typical mozzarella sticks (rounded cheese sticks always freaked me out a little; looks so unnatural). Al's is a little out of the way for me but it is worth the trip for these delicious cheesesteaks. You too will proclaim Al's Steak House "King of the Steak Subs."

Total Rating: 4.325
Food: 4.5, Price: 5, Service: 3, Ambience: 4, Accessibility: 3
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