Sunday, May 6, 2012


PEPE is José Andrés’ first food truck! The truck serves Spanish cuisine at the moment, but there is a thought that Andrés may change the menu (and even the truck name) at a moment’s notice! Current menu items are sandwiches ranging in price from $8 – $20 (most are $10).  This truck does not drive around as often as other DC Food Trucks, but they did make an appearance at Trucko de Mayo and I was happy to try them out.

Their menu was very limited for this event, and did not feature the coveted $20 Iberico ham sandwich.  They did however have the Serrano ham sandwich, normally $9, but today it was $10.  The line was shortest at the PEPE truck - not sure if the higher prices kept patrons away or the stand-offish attitude of the truck staff.  Regardless, those who were familiar with the Andrés name did not hesitate to step up and place an order.  We chose the Jamon Serrano y Queso Manchego Flauta, and it was traditionally presented wrapped in paper but was TINY!  Much smaller than you can get at any cafe in Spain and also twice the price!  However, the quality of the ingredients was very high and shined through.  The brush of olive oil on the bread gave an extra layer of richness to the ham.  Overall, this was a decent sandwich but I am curious to see how long they will last in competition to other down-to-earth food trucks in the area.

Total Rating: 3.6
Food: 4, Price: 3, Service: 3, Ambience: 3, Accessibility: 4

What I ate:

Jamón Serrano y Queso Manchego
Serrano ham, Manchego and olive oil

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