Friday, June 1, 2012

Favorite Food Pictures of Spring 2012

My main goal for 2012 was to take more pictures of the food I eat at the many different restaurants I try throughout the year.  Even though I write about my food experiences and specifically list everything I eat, it is helpful to see a visual representation of the food first-hand.  See the first post from back in March.  For the second installment in this series, here is a collection of my favorite food pictures from Spring 2012 (March - April - May).

*DISCLAIMER: I do not have a fancy HDR or DSLR or whatever-is-trendy-now camera.  I do not have a fancy iPhone with photography apps or anything of the like. I do own a decent Panasonic digital camera that was an awesome wedding present from my parents, however I rarely take it with me when we go out to eat.  I find it cumbersome and sometimes tacky to pull out this large camera in the dining room to snap away pictures.  Instead, I have an older Blackberry model (my work-issued mobile) that has a small megapixel camera built in.  It is small enough to carry and whip out inconspicuously at the table.  Unfortunately, these pictures are often very low quality, especially when taken in a dimly lit restaurant.  I hope to get a better smartphone soon so that I will have some better pictures to sum up here on What Micky Eats in the future.

(Click on any picture for the full size slideshow)

Cava mac & cheese
mixed berry crepe
pork ribs
pineapple-caramel eclair
ono ceviche
Mai Tai
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