Thursday, May 16, 2013

The MacRib is back @SixthEngine

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Are you a pork fan?  Beginning Thursday, May 16th and available through Memorial Day Weekend, Sixth Engine will bring back "The MacRib Sandwich".  Chef Paul Madrid uses a blend of 100% real smoked pork shoulder and 100% real pork belly (grounded) to create the patty.  The patty is then grilled and glazed with house made barbecue sauce then topped with red onions and house made pickles. Naturally, The MacRib is served on a sesame seed brioche bun.  

Contrary to popular belief, The MacRib wasn't created out of necessity, due to a shortage of poultry.  This off the menu, neighborhood and staff favorite with a passionate fan base, was created out of curiosity, fun and hunger.  As Chef Madrid explains, "There is nothing fake about this".

All photos provided by Stephanie Breijo:

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