Friday, June 21, 2013

Treehouse at Oyster Club

Tucked away in the trees with a view of the Mystic River, the Treehouse at Oyster Club is an outdoor bar and deck "where smoke and fire meets the ocean." In the tradition of classic Southern coastal cuisine, the menu features smoked fish, raw and grilled oysters, smoky pork burgers, local produce and tasty sweets just to name a few. The bar offers craft cocktails like a moonshine lemonade, great wines and frosty beers. Don't miss the ice cold oysters, harvested from local waters and shucked specifically for you.

Keith and I went up to Mystic, CT to visit some friends for the weekend.  On our first night, the weather was gorgeous out so they took us to a local restaurant called Oyster House, where they recently extended and built out a large deck overlooking the river and properly called it the Treehouse.  The Treehouse menu is separate from the main restaurant's offerings and the wait time is much longer.  We waited nearly 45 minutes for a table, but didn't mind enjoying a few drinks at the downstairs bar meantime.

Once we were seated, we immediately placed our orders.  I decided to try the Summer Sangria, while Keith tried the Moonshine Lemonade.  My cocktail arrived in a cute mason jar but was more sour mix than wine and not quite to my liking, however Keith enjoyed his strong cold drink.

For food, Keith started with the Grilled Oysters appetizer.  They were very lightly grilled on the bottom, just to warm up the little guys.  For his main, he ordered the steak that was also grilled and seasoned with a chimichurri sauce and came with a side of black beans.  His dish was a bit cold, but the flavor was nice.  I wasn't that hungry, so chose the cheese appetizer that was described as coming with salsa and blue corn chips.  I thought it would be more of a warm cheese dip, but instead was a big slab of cold queso cheese.  While it had nice salty flavor and the salsa was fresh and tasty, the dish itself wasn't anything that special and frankly made me feel silly for ordering a piece of cold cheese with salsa on top. 

Our friends ordered a Chicken Cobb Salad and the Pork Burger, which both looked really good.  Since they were busy on this lovely summer night, the service was a bit slow with a few oversights such as missing drink orders and cold food.  However, the ambience is much more hip for the little seaport town so I understand its appeal to the younger crowds.  Even with slightly inflated prices, the business seems booming at this little Treehouse.

Total Rating: 3.78
Food: 4, Price: 3.5, Service: 3.5, Ambience: 4, Accessibility: 2.5

What I ate:
Cheese with Salsa and Blue Corn Chips

Plus Keith ate:
Grilled Oysters

Steak with Chimichurri and Black Beans
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