Thursday, December 22, 2016

***TOP 10 in DC - 2016 Favorites of What Micky Eats***

Out of nearly 40 new restaurants that I've dined at across the globe this past year, here is my list of Top 10 restaurants in DC from 2016. The ranking is based purely on the total scores received. For more details - read each post for yourself!  Don't see your favorite? Feel free to leave a comment below, and I'll try to check out your favorite place next year.

1. Rural Society (4.65) - Transporting you far from the bustle of DC to the sweeping cattle ranches and grill-fired kitchens of Argentina, service was unobtrusive, and the ambience was upbeat with warm lighting and a large dining room...Read More
Rural Society: Picaña
2. Convivial (4.53) - A menu of fully composed, mid-size dishes looks past both the traditional entrée and the tapas-like snack, allowing guests to assemble an individual, multi-course meal or to select a variety of dishes for everyone to share...Read More
Convivial: Pickled Rockfish
3. Tail Up Goat (4.5) - The food is soulful and sophisticated with a special emphasis on pasta and bread...Read More
Tail Up Goat: Whole Stuffed Porgy
4. Pineapple & Pearls (4.5) - The food was presented all in a fun and elegant way. Each dish was small, but over time the multi-courses filled us up, especially with each paired beverage...Read More
Pineapple & Pearls: Roasted Potato Ice Cream with Ossetra Caviar
5. Eatbar (4.48) - We loved the 'snacky' concept to the a super cool ambience that is so close to home that I may have to make this my go-to spot...Read More
Eatbar: Charcuterie
6. Honeysuckle (4.45) - blurs the line traditionally separating “lowcountry” ingredients and highbrow techniques, valuing smart sourcing in service of many of its whole-animal menu items...Read More
Honeysuckle: Pennsylvania Lamb
7. Sushi Ogawa (4.43) - The interior is dark and tranquil to set the tone of a Japanese temple. Ordering omakase at the table is a convenient way to not have to think or choose, and just trust the chef to offer the best fish of the night...Read More
Sushi Ogawa: Sushi Platter
8. Kinship (4.28) - We had a great meal with the appetizers being the main stars. Price is above average, but not exorbitant that you feel you have to save up for. The ambience is dark and romantic, with distinct service...Read More
Kinship: Yellowfin Tuna Tataki
9. Old Hickory Steakhouse (4.25) - uses the finest local ingredients including premium all-natural 1855 beef; fresh seafood; handcrafted cocktails; and an onsite cheese cave and table-side cheese presentations presented by a Maitre d'Fromage...Read More
Old Hickory Steakhouse: Cheese
10. All-Purpose (4.23) - The Italian food had a nice balance of classic ingredients with a hint of elevated flare. The atmosphere is casual and welcoming...Read More
All-Purpose: Cossimo 
11. Whaley's (4.23) - The open light of the dining space with soothing sea blue tones, and location next to the river is a plus. Service was also top notch, and the bar area appealing for drinks and nibbles...Read More
Whaley's: Oysters
*EDITOR'S NOTE: In reviewing the rankings for the year, I mistakenly overlooked one restaurant, Convivial, which is correctly listed above in the proper order. Therefore, the original rankings are shifted down to list the Top 11.

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