Sunday, December 23, 2018

***TOP 10 in DC - 2018 Favorites of What Micky Eats***

Out of nearly 40 new restaurants that I've dined at across the globe this past year, here is my list of Top 10 restaurants in DC from 2018. The ranking is based purely on the total scores received. For more details - read each post for yourself!  Don't see your favorite? Feel free to leave a comment below, and I'll try to check out your favorite place next year.

1. Gravitas (4.6) - Service was excellent and the plating was interesting without being overly bougie. I really appreciated being able to customize our own tastings, and the wine pairings were a great deal, too...Read More
Gravitas: Roasted Tile Fish

2. Chloe (4.55) - We were seated at the bar, which had a great view into the kitchen, but we felt cramp on the corner as the servers flew back and forth with service plates. Nonetheless, we had a great meal at this lovely restaurant featuring global cuisine...Read More
Chloe: Braised Local Oysters

3. Kōbō (4.5) - To begin our journey, we were treated to an amuse bouche that was smoked in front of us. When lifting the cover, the smell of charred apple wood emanated out and was quite the spectacle to begin our meal...Read More
Kōbō: Apple Smoked Ankimo

4. Red Hen (4.5) - As a lighter contrast, we shared the Fresh Burrata with a bright broccolini marinati, salami, brown-butter pine nuts, cherry mostarda and breadcrumbs. The crunchy textures of the vegetables contrasted nicely with the creamy globe of fresh cheese. This was a delightful dish...Read More
Red Hen: Fresh Burrata

5. St. Anselm (4.43) - While steak is a specialty, Chef Marjorie Meek-Bradley's creativity doesn't stop there...Read More
St. Anselm: Salmon Collar

6. Del Mar (4.23) - To start we enjoyed the chilled Atun Rojo with heirloom tomato consommé, citrus ponzu, and sea beans. The tuna was fresh and the citrus gelée provided a lovely brightness to the dish....Read More
Del Mar: Atun Rojo

7. Plume (4.23) - We sat at a cozy nook as we savored classic dishes using traditional techniques and seasonal ingredients that are inspired by the harvest from Thomas Jefferson's kitchen gardens at Monticello...Read More
Plume: Hudson Valley Foie Terrine

8. Q by Peter Change (4.2) - The dim sum brunch is perfect for groups, as the idea is to order many different dishes and share them so everyone gets a taste of everything...Read More
Q by Peter Chang: Almond Shrimp Ball

9. A Rake's Progress (4.2) - The Orecchiette with Maryland Blue Crab, asparagus, sweet corn, and mushrooms was beautifully sweet and fresh. It was a generous portion and my favorite dish of the shared starters...Read More
A Rake's Progress: Orecchiette with Maryland Blue Crab

10. Succotash (4.05) - All in all we had a great meal for a great deal at Succotash. The Asian fusion into the Southern fare was subtle, but provided just enough twist on the soulful menu...Read More
Succotash: BBQ Pork Ribs

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