Saturday, July 11, 2020

100+ Days of Dining During COVID-19

It's been over 100 days since the COVID-19 pandemic shut down restaurants and what seems like all aspects of our "normal" social lives. Many news headlines report how "the fate of the restaurant industry is uncertain as the coronavirus outbreak keeps customers home and forces the closure of thousands of locations." It can be challenging to find ways to support my favorite restaurants when I've had to stay at home. Thus, this blog has been quiet lately on any restaurant reviews and may stay that way for some time longer.

Instead, we've been cooking more at home and I've shared some of those "quarantine cooking" recipes here.  (No, I did not tackle the sourdough trend.)  A main thing we have been consistently doing is ordering delivery or takeout from local restaurants and spreading the word about initiatives that need support.  I've highlighted all on my Instagram page already, but thought I'd take time to document what we've been eating from DC restaurants here on the blog.

From the quick lunch deliveries while teleworking and casual everyday dinners to more fine dining multi course meals to celebrate milestones during the quarantine (i.e. my 40th birthday and our wedding anniversary), find a summary below:

Work From Home Lunches

Roaming Rooster

Grazie Grazie

The Halal Guys


Casual Dinner

Mi Vida

Sushi Hachi

Wiseguy NY Pizza

Federalist Pig

ABC Pony

CAVA Mezze

Unconventional Diner

The Salt Line




Celebratory Dinners

Osteria Morini


Other Treats


Bullfrog Bagels

District Doughnut

With the restrictions in the DMV area starting to lift, many restaurants are welcoming customers again by opening both outdoor and indoor seating at limited capacity and with heavy social distancing rules. If you don't feel comfortable dining out at your favorite restaurant just yet, you can still show support by continuing to order takeout or delivery. If the restaurant offers their own delivery service, choose that first over using a third party. Also, give a generous tip whenever you order a food delivery. The employees will appreciate it! Another great way to support is to buy a gift card directly from the restaurant now and prepare to use it for your dining-in celebration later.  Lastly, I want to point out if given the option to order from a chain or smaller "mom and pop" business -- always support local. Many of them have had to shut their doors, could not qualify for PPP loans, and really need our support more than ever.  Even better choose a BIPOC-owned restaurant instead.  Here is a comprehensive list of DMV-area BIPOC-owned restaurants curated by Anela Malik.

What restaurants have you ordered from during the pandemic? I'd love to check out more new-to-me spots, if possible.  Are you ready to dine back indoors (or outdoors) at your favorite spot yet?  Please share in the comments below!

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