Monday, February 27, 2012

32 Below

32 Below is a new local fro-yo spot that just opened along the increasingly trendy and popular Barracks Row area of Capitol Hill. Serving tangy and sweet frozen yogurt, 32 Below is fun and affordable alternative to the larger fro-yo chain shops. With a variety of nonfat and low fat flavors, 32 Below allows you to customize your own treat with a variety of fruit, chocolate, cereal, or syrup toppings. Just be careful not to go over board as you pay $0.49 per ounce. Closest Metro is Eastern Market.

July 2011: I have been waiting so long for a fro-yo spot to open up along my neighborhood strip, and I am so glad 32 Below is here. With minimalistic decor, the space is fairly large with several tables along the front left side. In the far back are the self serve stations which feature 8 various flavors at a time with a small toppings bar next to two cashiers with weighted scales. Overall, the flavors are original and fun - however I wanted more fruit flavors as advertised on their website (only banana was available this time) to beat the summer heat. I can see 32 Below remaining popular throughout the summer and for a long time to come.

February 2012:  I recently won a bet I made with Keith.  For my prize, I chose fro-yo.  I was eager to return to 32 Below and choose my flavors and toppings.  New low fat options were available as well as some seasonal flavors such as Irish Mint and Pomegranate Raspberry. This time I kept it simple and chose Tart 2 and the sugar free Cheesecake (only 80 calories per serving) with some fruit toppings.  Eating it reminded me how much I truly enjoy fro-yo and need to come back more often.  It was a nice treat on this early Spring-like day and a great prize for winning my bet.

Total Rating: 3.95
Food: 4, Price: 4, Service: 4, Ambience: 3, Accessibility: 5

What I ate:

Vanilla and Banana
with pineapple, strawberries, blackberries

Tart 2 and Cheesecake
with strawberries, blackberries, mochi

Plus Keith ate:

Red Velvet/Classic Swirl and Cheesecake
with strawberries and Captain Crunch

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  1. I love fro yo! My favorite is usually the red velvet!

  2. Really? When I tried it - it freaked me out. Wasn't a fan... I am more of a traditional gal. haha!


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