Friday, February 3, 2012

El Paso Mexican Restaurant

El Paso Mexican Restaurant has several locations in the Northern Virginia area.  Featuring homemade Mexican entrees prepared as mild or spicy as you want, expect this place to be packed.  The authentic large quantity meals, modest prices, and full-service bar keep El Paso Mexican Restaurant busy.  Discounts are provided to law enforcement and military personnel.  Check out their website for coupons and daily specials.

Today I get a text from my Dad.  It is a picture of a huge burrito covered in sauce and melted cheese.  Knowing my father is a big fan of Mexican cuisine, I text back "Where are you? Burrito? Looks good." A series of texts follow, where my father describes how he went to lunch with a group of coworkers and the menu states it is the "largest burrito in Virginia" so one guy had to try it.  My father opted for the chicken enchilada combo special.  But it is hard for them to rate on a scale of 1 to 5, since it is apparently more quantity over quality.  Is this the beginnings of "What Dad Eats..."? 

I am told to expect a full write up via email soon...stay tuned for the special guest post!

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