Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ben's Chili Bowl

The first expansion of Ben’s Chili Bowl was in the Washington National’s Park, in 2008. The lines tend to get super long, so plan your attack strategically.  Enjoy a chili half smoke and all of your favorites at the Ben’s stands while watching a game this season. 

Even though we had brunch earlier, Keith still wanted a snack about half way through the game.  This time our seats were near Ben's stand.  We noticed the lines were pretty short, so we took our chances.  Keith ordered a half smoke sausage "all the way", meaning with everything.  The half pork/half beef smoked sausage has a reputation of being a DC classic.  He found the sausage itself to be of high quality and really enjoyed all the chili, cheese, and onions on top.  He got a second one for my father, who devoured it in what seemed like two bites.  I was not surprised since my father has won a couple chili cooking competitions himself, and was a huge fan of the stuff.  I snacked on an order of cheese fries, which were piping hot and totally satisfying.  My mother couldn't resist them either!  Try these sinful snacks next time at the park, but be warned - they can be a little messy!

Total Rating: 4.025
Food: 4, Price: 4, Service: 3.5, Ambience: 5, Accessibility: 3.5

What I ate:

Cheese Fries

Plus Keith ate:

Half Smoke "All the Way"
1/4 lb half pork and beef smoked sausage on a warm steamed bun
topped with mustard, onions, spicy homemade chili sauce, sprinkle cheese, cheez whiz

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