Wednesday, December 19, 2012

***TOP 10 in DC - 2012 Favorites of What Micky Eats***

Out of 120+ restaurants that I've dined at across the globe this past year, here is my list of Top 10 restaurants in DC from 2012. The ranking is based purely on the total scores received. For more details - read each post for yourself!  Don't see your favorite? Feel free to leave me feedback here or leave a comment below.

1. Acqua al 2 (4.7) - The staff treated us like family, showed us gracious hospitality, and my mother felt like a queen. The food and service is better and better each time we return to Acqua al 2...Read More

2. Capital Grille (4.7) - The service and attention was superb, the food was exceptional, and the Generous Pour wine event exemplifies the expert, personalized service that the Capital Grille is known for... Read More

3. 2941 (4.7) - Overall, the exceptional service, attention to detail, and classy cuisine remain well above par at the new 2941 and provide a wonderful meal…Read More

4. Boqueria (4.6) - The food preparation was simple, flavorful, and true to Spain while the bottomless drinks and food option of the prix fixe menu was an incredible deal...Read More

5. Rasika West End (4.53) - The food was exceptional; there are both tame and bold flavors in the dishes to appeal to a mixed crowd.  Rasika is no doubt one of the best restaurants in DC...Read More

6. Sushi Taro (4.5) - The only restaurant to offer Kaiseki, "a traditional dining experience that combines the elegance of Japan's ancient courtly cuisine with the simplicity of Buddhist temple fare", Sushi Taro is a hidden gem and deserves credit as one of DC's finest restaurants…Read More

7. Brasserie Beck (4.43) - Many of the regular entree items seemed rustic and I would recommend Brasserie Beck to those looking for a hearty meal in an upscale casual settingRead More

8. Tortilla Café (4.38) - With friendly service, authentic food, and low prices, Tortilla Café is a great lunch spot that must not be overlooked. I will certainly come back more oftenRead More

9. Al's Steak House (4.35) - Al's is a little out of the way for me but it is worth the trip for these delicious cheesesteaks. You too will proclaim Al's Steak House "King of the Steak Subs."…Read More

10. Italian Store (4.3) - The authentic hoagie-style sandwiches and slices of pizza make it a prime and popular takeout destination...Read More

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