Sunday, June 23, 2013

Kitchen Little

Kitchen Little, located in Mystic, CT, is a small eatery which offers an endless menu of New England favorites. The restaurant features bistro style indoor dining and an outdoor patio deck overlooking the shore of the Mystic River.  Breakfast is offered all day and lunch is served during the weekdays featuring fresh local seafood and a variety of classic and gourmet dishes.

Before heading back to DC, our friends brought us to Kitchen Little for breakfast boasting its spectacular panoramic maritime views of the river and marina.  This is a newer, larger location for the restaurant off Quarry Road as they simply outgrew the original location.  Though we called ahead to put our names on the list, it was quite packed this Sunday morning and we had to wait a bit.  Nothing to scoff at since we were seated at a prime table outside with a nice view - check it out:

About 99% of the menu features eggs, so don't go looking for pancakes or waffles.  Keith's eye was caught on the spicy Portuguese Fisherman dish.  It came with tiny bits of chorizo and linguica sausages scrambled together with eggs, peppers, onions, and jalapeño cheese.  It was served with a side of home potatoes and a Portuguese English muffin.  The eggs had quite a kick from the extra spicy sauce and the sausage.  Keith would have preferred more solid sausage pieces, but overall enjoyed his dish.
Lobster Newburg is an old-style rich and creamy lobster dish that is traditionally served over buttered toast points.  It may also fill crepes or be tossed with pasta, but today they featured it as "Special A" in an omelette.  Advertised as coming with a large buttery croissant, I was sold.  Unfortunately, they ran out of croissants by the time my order was ready so I was served a Portuguese English muffin instead.  Oh well, the bread was still good to eat with the decadent creamy lobster filling.

Service was about average - the staff was friendly and did their best to turn over the tables quickly.  You could tell Kitchen Little is a local favorite as every other couple got a "welcome back!"

Total Rating: 3.95
Food: 4, Price: 4, Service: 3.5, Ambience: 4.5, Accessibility: 3

What I ate:
Lobster Newburg Omelette

Plus Keith ate:
The Portuguese Fisherman
spicy hot chorizo and linguica from Fall River, scrambled together with eggs,
peppers, onions and jalapeño cheese in a lightly spiced sauce
served with a Portuguese English muffin

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