Monday, December 12, 2016

Truffle Shots

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Truffle Shots are a mother-daughter invented, patent-pending chocolate truffle (with a twist) that was just voted Favorite Chocolate Truffle at The Big Chocolate Show in New York City. Truffle Shots are unconventional and made by replacing the chocolate shell of a traditional chocolate truffle with a sealed shot glass. In other words, there is ganache, and other yummy truffle fillings, in a shot glass served with a spoon. These are not a liquid (or alcoholic).  This way of serving focuses on the essence of a chocolate truffle’s silky smooth ganache filling, without the added texture and flavor of a shell or coating.

The company reached out to me to sample some flavors.  I tried Mission Fig with sweet fig swirled in dark chocolate ganache.  I really liked the combination and could taste fig in each bite.  I also tried the Macallan Whisky Caramel that has a middle layer of Macallan 12-year Scotch infused caramel that brings apple and spice notes to the dark chocolate ganache.  The caramel was sweet, but since it was suspended in the middle, you had to dig down to get it in one bite with the chocolate.  I would have preferred it with multiple thin layers of caramel to evenly distribute better among the dark chocolate.

The top seller is Caramel Beurre Noisette. I did not get to try this flavor, but it is popular for it's browned-butter caramel with fleur de sel, enveloped in dark chocolate ganache. The butter is browned to a hazelnut color (hence the Beurre Noisette name), which gives the caramel subtle nutty notes.

Macallan Whisky Caramel
These Truffle Shots make a great gift and since they contain no alcohol, they are ideal for chocolate lovers of all ages.  The treats also come in a nice quality reusable shot glass and are packaged in elegant gift boxes. Order online or check out their pop-up store at 11826 Market Street in Reston Town Center. The Market Street Pop-Ups are open Thursday-Saturday from 10am-8pm and Sunday from 12pm-6pm through (at least) the end of the year, with more hours as it gets closer to Christmas.

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