Thursday, December 15, 2011

***TOP 10 in DC - 2011 Favorites of What Micky Eats***

Out of 100+ restaurants that I've dined at across the globe this past year, here is my list of Top 10 restaurants in DC from 2011. The ranking is based purely on the total scores received. For more details - read each post for yourself!  Don't see your favorite? Feel free to leave me feedback here or leave a comment below.

1. Toki Underground (4.7) - Featuring a fun and casual menu of Taiwanese-Korean fusion noodle dishes and dumplings, Toki Underground also boasts some great music and art work, as well as nods to Japanese anime and games...Read More

2. Old Ebbitt Grill (4.6) - The breakfast menu featured some new items this go-around, such as the Greek yogurt with fruit and a Baked Apple French Toast that looked very decadent…Read More

3. Teaism (4.6) - Featuring a collection of simple foods from the cuisines of tea, Bento boxes from Japan, curries from Thailand, and tandoor breads from India, Teaism is one of my favorite lunch spots in DC...Read More

4. Sushi Taro (4.5) - The only restaurant to offer Kaiseki, "a traditional dining experience that combines the elegance of Japan's ancient courtly cuisine with the simplicity of Buddhist temple fare", Sushi Taro is a hidden gem and deserves credit as one of DC's finest restaurants…Read More

*5. Watershed (4.42) - Chef Gray’s modern culinary interpretations of the watersheds of the East Coast…Read More

6. Acqua al 2 (4.4) - Offering a traditional Tuscan menu with appetizers, first course (pasta or rice), and second course (meats), immediately my taste buds were aroused…Read More

7. Ray's the Steaks (4.4) - Ray's the Steaks is an increasingly popular "poor man's" steakhouse located in the busy Clarendon/Courthouse area of ArlingtonRead More

8. Granville Moore's (4.35) - Granville's kitchen pumps out over 1200 pounds of mussels and over 1400 pounds of potatoes every week…Read More

9. Graffiato (4.3) - Chef Isabella serves seasonal, artisanal pizzas and small plates inspired by the food he grew up eating in New Jersey prepared by his Italian-American grandmother…Read More

10. Nando's Peri-Peri (4.3) - A self-service import by way of South Africa, Nando's Peri-Peri features Portuguese flame-grilled chicken served fast and tasty in a newly renovated space...Read More

* Ba Bay (4.5) would have been #5, but since they recently closed I decided to not include them in the official list.  You can still read how the flavors were layered and full of depth with the European techniques prominent in the sauces and an Asian influence with the fresh ingredients…Read More


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