Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Adventures in Veganism: Day 4

Half way there!  Day 3 didn't end so bad, so I was motivated again to see what other meals were in store for the rest of my vegan adventure.  Day 4's menu had some unusual and common items that I was eager to try.

For breakfast on Day 4, I ate another Apple Carrot Muffin. It was the same as the one from Day 3 and tasted fine.

Lunch was an intriguing African Medley Stew. This twist on a traditional African Stew delighted the senses with the sweet potatoes and very spicy peanut sauce.  Again, mine was much more soupy with less vegetable chunks as the sweet potatoes disintegrated, but the delightful flavor combinations really came through.  My coworker came by and asked me if it was curry I was eating, but when I mentioned it was a spicy peanut sauce she said it must be made with West African spices.  I wished there were big chunks of sweet potato like the picture advertised in order to provide a more filling meal. Otherwise, some bread would have been good to go with this spicy soup - but that is probably not vegan.

Dinner was one of the pouches I had been eyeing the whole time.  Labeled Macaroni and "Cheese", I thought there would be nothing wrong about this American classic.  Who doesn't love mac & cheese? The texture was nice and thick, like a baked macaroni casserole. The portion size was perfect.  But the flavor was so lacking! It had an odd nutty taste most likely from the soybean and flour mixture to create the "cheese", and desperately needed some salt and pepper.  I guess real cheese provides enough salt in the original recipe, but the vegan substitutes here did not do the dish any justice.  Furthermore, it was lacking the panko breadcrumbs as advertised in the ingredients and as shown in the picture.  This dish was disappointing since most of the other meals had been flavored heavily with some sort of spice.

Finally, dessert was another Chocolate Chip Cookie.  It looked and tasted good - same as on Day 1.  Overall, Day 4's meals were so-so.  Honestly, I am getting a bit tired of this vegan adventure, and am ready for something else.  I do feel lighter and slimmer, which is a plus. It could just be all in my head though.

What I ate:

Apple Carrot Muffin

African Medley Stew
organic sweet potatoes, organic chickpeas, organic tomatoes,
organic green beans, organic garlic, organic ginger, organic vegetable broth,
peanut butter, jalapenos, vegan herbs and spices
This is what the picture looked like:

This is what mine actually looked like:

Macaroni and "Cheese"
organic macaroni, organic panko style breadcrumbs, Filtered water,
whole organic soybeans, olive oil, organic flour, purified water,
tapioca and/or arrowroot flours
This is what the picture looked like:

This is what mine actually looked like:

Chocolate Chip Cookie

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