Monday, July 9, 2012

Adventures in Veganism: Day 5

Last night Keith asked me how I was doing with this whole "vegan adventure thing" and I kind of shrugged my shoulders and say "meh."  He still did not understand my quest and stated how no one could ever pay him to try it.  So that put a little more fire under my feet to really stick it out to the end.  I mean it is not terrible - there are way many more worse things a person could eat.

For breakfast on Day 5, I ate another Blueberry Muffin.  It was just as bad, if not worse, than the first one I had.  It was a little more hard and had freezer burn, so I nibbled a bit since I was starving this morning, but ended up throwing about a third of it out.   

Lunch was a chilled Southwestern Salad that reminded me of a Mediterranean tabouli with added rice bits.  The spices and Southwestern seasonings were very strong in this dish.  I ate most if it.

Dinner was a tasteless and disappointing Cashew Pesto Pasta.  I was pretty surprised, because it actually looked appetizing and just like the picture, but lacked any salt or pepper and was extremely oily.  It was a nice large portion though, so I managed to still eat most of it including the broccoli chunks.

Dessert was another hard Peanut Butter Cookie. Again, I don't understand why these cookies are like rocks.  The desserts could use some improvement.  Day 5 was a bust to say the least.

What I ate:

Blueberry Muffin

Southwestern Salad
Organic black beans, organic basmati rice, organic lime juice,
organic carrots, organic tomato, organic red onion, vegan herbs and spices
This is what the picture looked like:

This is what mine actually looked like:

Cashew Pesto Pasta
Organic spaghetti, organic broccoli, organic bell pepper, organic basil,
organic cashews, daiya cheese, organic olive oil, vegan spices and herbs
This is what the picture looked like:

This is what mine actually looked like:

Peanut Butter Cookie

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