Thursday, December 19, 2013

DC Restaurant Week - A Look Back

The DC Restaurant Week is a bi-annual occurrence that I look forward to each year.  It’s a great way to sample those higher-end restaurants without necessarily shelling out the higher-end prices.  Lunch offerings are usually 2 or 3 courses for around $20 and Dinner offerings are usually 3 or 4 courses for $35 (prices have inflated over the years).  With the Summer 2015 RW quickly approaching, I’ve searched my archives to provide you a list of the past restaurants I have been to for RW. 

Some were worthy enough to return to for a regular meal, and others were utterly disappointing.  I know some people find the RW deals to not be as good as advertised, but I find it to be a fun way to try those new places that I would not normally go to.  Here are my past RW adventures, ranked by overall rating:

Poste (4.7) Winter 2010
Chef Geoff’s (4.7) Summer 2008
Zaytinya (4.7) Winter 2008 & Summer 2015
Rasika West End (4.53) Summer 2012
Sushi Taro (4.5) Summer 2015
Westend Bistro (4.45) Summer 2010
Kapnos (4.43) Winter 2014
Elisir (4.4) Winter 2013 now closed
Del Campo (4.38) Winter 2014
Range (4.33) Summer 2013
Spezie (4.15) Winter 2009 now closed
Menu MBK (4.05) Summer 2014 now closed
The Caucus Room (4.05) Summer 2010
Ceiba (4.05) Summer 2009 now closed
Georgia Brown’s (4.05) Winter 2009
Art and Soul (4) Summer 2009
B. Smith’s (4) Summer 2007 now closed
Mintwood Place (3.98) Summer 2014
Cedar (3.9) Winter 2014
Indique (3.875) Winter 2012
Jaleo (3.78) Summer 2012
Oyamel (3.78) Winter 2012
Kellari Taverna (3.75) Summer 2011
Kushi (3.75) Summer 2011 now closed
Dino (3.75) Summer 2008 now closed
District Commons (3.575) Winter 2012
Bibiana (3.5) Winter 2010
Farmers & Fishers (3.45) Summer 2010 now closed
Daikaya (3.33) Summer 2013
Co Co Sala (3.2) Winter 2011
Zenten (3.2) Winter 2011
D’Aqua (2.45) Winter 2008 now closed

The DC Summer 2015 RW begins Monday, August 17.  Be sure to check out my posting on the upcoming Summer 2015 RW and make your own reservations quick!  I am looking forward to the places I picked this round, so don't forget to check back for my own RW reviews.

Not in DC? There are many other cities from coast-to-coast who are also participating in Restaurant Week this year.  What are some of your favorite RW experiences? I'd love to compare notes - Share them in the comments below!


  1. So far the best thing has been short ribs on the lunch menu @fioladc, although the 4 course lunch @oyameldc is great too.

  2. B. Smith's should have closed years ago. The food is awful, service pitiful, and it was over-priced. Press release from B.Smith website says they will re-invent and re-open elsewhere in DC.


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