Monday, April 7, 2014

The Green Spoon

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The Green Spoon uses local sustainable food sources to prepare and deliver gourmet, gluten-free, quality meals in the Arlington/Crystal City, VA and Washington, DC area.  Their goal is to provide access to the freshest local food sources that have been traditionally restricted due to cost and convenience.  The Green Spoon brings the healthy benefits of shopping at local farmer's markets to people's homes by combining it with the expertise of a gourmet chef.

How does it work?  Check out the menu for the next week every Monday morning.  Choose from a variety of healthy gluten-free meals that will make your taste buds crave for more.  Place your order by Wednesday at Noon.  Choose any quantity of each meal that makes your belly happy. The Green Spoon will locally source the food and our chef will ensure it’s fresh for you!  Meals are delivered twice a week to your home or office.  On Monday, you’ll receive Monday through Wednesday meals.  On Thursday, you'll receive Thursday through Friday meals.  All deliveries are completed by 11:30 am. Just be careful, you may be tempted to sample and eat all of them at once!

The owner and founder of The Green Spoon, Hanson Cheng, reached out to me to sample some their meals and provide my honest opinion.  I received seven gluten-free meals, already prepared and ready to be reheated.  Keith and I each took a meal to work for lunch the next day.

First, I tried the Mahi Mahi with a Napa Salad of grapes, avocado, pistachios, tomatoes, red onion, and a balsamic vinaigrette.  The fish came packed separately to be reheated, but I chose to eat it cold with my salad.  The fish was a nice portion and seasoned and cooked very well.  The pistachios and grapes really made the salad pop, and this was a great option for lunch.

Keith ate Almond Crusted Fish Sticks with broccoli and carrots, and a cauliflower mash.  The fish sticks were a bit fishy, but the vegetables were nice and the cauliflower mash had great flavor.  This was a smaller portion, compared to the other meals, yet was enough for lunch.

We had dinner plans, so saved the next meals for lunch on the following day.  I took the Salmon with Mango Salsa and Brown Rice.  I simply microwaved the dish for about two minutes, and I was surprised by how moist the fish still was.  Again, the fish was a decent portion and I loved the mango salsa with sliced peppers.  It was so flavorful and delicious.  There were small pieces of diced red onion in the salsa that added a little bite, without being too overbearing.  This salmon dish was my top favorite of all the Green Spoon meals I tried.

Keith ate the Seared Halibut for lunch.  The fish seemed more steamed or sous vide than seared, but came with a citrus "soy" sauce, bok choy, sweet peppers, and cauliflower mash.  All the vegetables were fresh and crunchy.

Finally, for dinner, I ate the Chicken and Zucchini Waffles.  We heated this dish in the oven at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes.  The waffles were amazing, still held their crispy texture, and tasted great with the mixed berry agave compote that accompanied.  The chicken itself was a decent piece of breast, but had the skin still on it that I did not care for.  The vegetable medley was also very flavorful and overall I enjoyed this meal as my second favorite. 

After a good workout, Keith was pretty hungry so heated up both beef meals in the oven for his dinner. First, Red Wine Braised Short Ribs with a mushroom medley and sweet potato mash.  The red wine marinade imparted great flavor to the meat.

He also heated up the Grilled Rib-Eye Steak with tomato relish and balsamic steak sauce.  It also came with sweet potato mash, so it was easy to combine the two.  This steak was also seasoned nicely and reheated well in the oven.  The balsamic steak sauce had a different tang to it, that complimented the red wine glaze of the short ribs.

Overall, I was impressed with the Green Spoon gluten-free meals.  They are truly gourmet with high quality ingredients.  The variety between fish, chicken, or beef are excellent options for everyone's taste.  I like the convenience of having everything portioned out and prepared already for you.  Simply reheat and enjoy!  If you are looking for fresh gluten-free meals to be delivered straight to you, then check out The Green Spoon.

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