Monday, July 16, 2012

Adventures in Veganism: Day 7

My final day of eating vegan has come! Day 6 ended on a high note, so I was eager to finish out this experiment on top.  For breakfast on Day 7, I ate another dense Apple Carrot Muffin.

Coriander Courgettes is an international hodgpodge of flavor that brings a new twist on how to enjoy zucchini.  However, my lunch pouch lacked any zucchini and did not have nearly as many almonds as shown in the picture.  The spices were odd and the flavor not that pleasing.  Even though I added salt and pepper, the rice was a little bland although the texture was fluffy and held up well to being frozen.

Dinner was a very small pouch labeled Sweet Moroccan Fusion.  I did not heat it up as recommended, rather ate it at room temperature and it was delightful and filling with large sweet potato chunks, perfectly cooked chick peas, and lots of sweetness from the raisins and cinnamon.  Perhaps some nutmeg and curry spices too? At first I thought there were bits of minced ginger to give extra heat, but looking at the ingredients, it was garlic.  Even though it was a small portion, I enjoyed this exotic dish more than I expected.

Dessert was another Snickerdoodle Cookie that was just as hard, yet sugary and cinnamony like the others.  It complimented the Moroccan dish very well. It is fair to say Day 7 ended on a medium-high note.  I am glad this adventure is over though.  Stay tuned for my final wrap up/conclusion post that will summarize my vegan adventure.

What I ate:
Apple Carrot Muffin

Coriander Courgettes
organic zucchini, organic potato, organic almonds, organic onion,
organic peas, organic rice, canola oil, vegan spices and herbs
This is what the picture looked like:

This is what mine actually looked like:
Sweet Moroccan Fusion
organic yams, organic carrots, organic chickpeas, organic garlic,
organic almonds, organic onions, organic raisins,
organic squash, vegan herbs and spices

This is what the picture looked like:

This is what mine actually looked like:

Snickerdoodle Cookie
Miss something? Catch up on my

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